Cade Pemberton is a painter and print maker of colorful abstract and figurative works on canvas and paper. Her work is inspired by a number of sources ranging from nature to the subconscious to the intuitive process of painting itself. Oil, acrylic, watercolor, etching and monoprint are her primary mediums.

Selected Exhibitions:

Solo Shows
River Stone Arts Haverstraw NY July 2006

Group Shows (all shows in NY unless noted)
“Generations”, A.I.R. Gallery January 2016
“In Black & White”, One Art Gallery, November 2015
Fountain Art Fair March 2014
CLW Juried Show Trask Gallery October 2012
Prince Street Gallery Juried Show June 2012
Fountain Art Fair March 2012
Pen & Brush Gallery, March 2012
Nurture Art Benefit October 2011
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Show, October 2011
Southampton Cultural Center Juried Show, Sept 2011
Mahony Art Gallery, Elizabeth NJ June 2011
National Arts Club Round Table May 2011
Palavin Holiday Auction December 2010
368 Broadway Gallery November 2010
National Arts Club Online Exhibition July 2010
Dumbo Arts Center Gallery December 2010
National Arts Club Online Exhibitions July 2006-2011
Tribeca Open Studio Shows April 2002-2012
Synagogue for the Arts Gallery April 2007

Awards & Grants
Vermont Studio Center Artist Residency Grant 2012

Fordham University B.A.
Art Students League
Cooper Union
Robert Blackburn Print Studio
Le Mano Pottery Studio

Artist Statement

I paint to release the power of color. A spiritual reality that shines through the surface of the world we inhabit every day. I strive to create paintings that arouse emotion or communicate an emotional state--a spirit--of their own. Since I am moved primarily by the spirit of color emanating from a painting, the biggest challenge is to let the painting speak for itself, without censoring it or over-controlling what comes through the work.
I love the power of color to evoke emotional states and alter reality.

Much of my work comes from intuition, letting one brush stroke indicate another.
In a sense, a painting never belongs to the painter.The painter’s responsibility is to step back and ultimately let the painting create itself. I like what Francis Bacon said so well: “As you work, the mood grows on you.There are certain images which suddenly take hold and you need to do them.The excitement and possibilities are in the working and can only come in the working.”